Trials and Errors

Courtroom image close up of brass weighing scales

Business, like life, doesn't always go to plan.  No matter how well managed your company is, things can sometimes still go wrong.  Even the most reputable company can find itself in a dispute with a client over a mistake.  How can you protect the business you have worked so hard to build up?

Professional Indemnity insurance covers your business in the event that legal action is taken against you by a dissatisfied client, claiming to have suffered a loss a result of advice you have given in a professional capacity.

A 'professional' is generally regarded as any person who offers specialist advice, design specification or other professional services and can include designers, consultants, advertising agents, translators and private investigators among others, as well as the more 'traditional' professions such as accountants, surveyors and solicitors.

What can go wrong?

Funeral Director
A funeral director forgot to remove the rings from a dead client who was subsequently cremated. £25,000.

Safety Consultant
A man was injured when he fell from scaffolding approved  by the insured. £75,000.

Landscape Architect
The insured designed a pond on a golf course which was not water-tight, the client sued for the cost of lining £30,000.

Advertising Agent
A commercial shown on television had used the wrong soundtrack. £100,000.

Graphic Designer
A text book drawing was adapted to use as a logo.  A third party sued for breach of copyright. £35,000.

Estate Agent
It was alleged that the insured undersold a property.  Five months later, it was resold for double the previous price.  £200,000.

Public Relations Consultant
Advertising literature produced by the insured contained an error that was discovered after all the copies had been printed.  This resulted in a claim for reprinting costs. £67,000.

Interior Designer
The insured designed the layout of office premises; the client alleged that this was not in accordance with his requirements. £25,000.

Travel Agent
The insured failed to arrange travel insurance for a client who fell ill on holiday in Africa. £10,000.

In today's increasingly litigious society, it pays to be protected.

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